Our Vision

Our vision is to

• continually strive to raise standards of attainment and achievement, and ensure progression
• help all children develop positive attitudes towards and a thirst for learning
• develop children as curious, keen, independent and effective learners who have the knowledge and understanding of how to learn
• provide a stimulating and innovative curriculum that takes children on a journey of learning
• recognise, acknowledge, value and develop the wide range of natural talents that children bring to and develop at school
• give children the opportunity to explore and gain a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills, with a particular focus on the core skills; numeracy, literacy, science, information and communication technology
• develop children’s ability to think
• to explore and gain values and attitudes that will support them in developing a strong sense of community and prepare them for later life
• to have a school ethos where children are safe and secure, supported and challenged, where they are willing to take risks and ‘have a go’. Where children do not mind making mistakes and always aim for success
• provide an environment where learning is inclusive, expectations high and where both self-confidence and self-esteem are raised and positive

What Ofsted said:

“Pupils’ behaviour was exemplary during the inspection. Your pupils were polite and courteous to me, their peers and adults alike. You have developed a school with a positive atmosphere and ethos”

Ofsted, 28th March 2018

“Pupils have made good progress within reading, writing and mathematics consistently above the national averages at key stage 1 and key stage 2.”

Ofsted, 28th March 2018

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Life

“Together, you are achieving your plan that the school should be a place that develops and nurtures the whole child”

Ofsted 28th March 2018

At Cuffley School we believe in developing the whole child. It is important to us to:
• develop a sense of belonging and enhance children’s’ life opportunities;
• enable every child to achieve their potential and make a significant contribution to society.
We have a strong sense of Community at Cuffley. We are proud that children have a strong sense of belonging and form very positive relationships. They do this through discussion with their teachers when making their classroom codes of conduct or
learning ladders and through assemblies. Throughout the school day, the 6Rs for learning are reinforced visually and orally, with Super Learner stickers and rewards shared at weekly assemblies. There are high expectations for behaviour and incidents
of misbehaviour are dealt with quickly and fairly with the emphasis on children taking responsibility for their actions. Self confidence, developing positive self esteem and personal development are started in the Early Years, building on what the children bring with them, and continue and broaden throughout school.

Rights, responsibilities and respect are a key feature of the school’s ethos and are developed during assemblies. We provide a programme for our Year 6 children with the focus very much on these themes, relating them to relevant topics such as fairtrade
and inclusion. Children are also given the opportunity to explore values and beliefs through class assemblies, RE lessons, our Personal Social and Health Education programme, through our guided reading sessions and other curriculum areas, which,
as a result, reviews and develops their own set of values and principles that will underpin their life. Children at Cuffley have the opportunity to develop an understanding of others; mutual respect is a key element of our school. The curriculum is developed
in such a way that children are able to develop a sense of empathy, concern, understanding and compassion.

“Pupils participate in a whole-day conference highlighting the UNESCO ‘rights for the child’.

There are numerous and varied opportunities to contribute to the school community through plays, concerts, assemblies and for children to take responsibilities within school as classroom monitors, sports leaders, team captains, librarians and school
council representatives. This creates a very strong bond within school that then translates into the local community and beyond.

There is a very strong ethos at Cuffley of helping and understanding others. There are many charity events that are organised by the school council which have local, national and international significance, and these raise the whole issue of interdependency. The traditional events such as Jeans for Genes Day and Red Nose Day play an important part, but so do our links with a school in France. We regularly focus on work across the school on celebrating a different culture and wherever possible we use our parents, visitors and school visits to develop a greater understanding of the diverse world in which we live. We link this to our harvest festival celebrations and as well as the giving of gifts to our elderly neighbours, we raise money to support a charity working to improve the lives of children living within our chosen country.

Together with the school council, the children take on extensive charity work; conducting such events as lunches for our elderly neighbours, which take place every other week, and singing at King’s Cross Station at Christmas in aid of the Starlight
Foundation, all of which make a valuable contribution to school life and the wider community.

Children develop an understanding of their own culture and have opportunities through a range of subjects and experiences to recognise this. Parents and children contribute to the curriculum by sharing their experiences and visits take place to different places of worship. Exploration of different cultures is delivered through assemblies and the curriculum. French has been introduced across the school and our Year 6 residential journey to France provides further focus. Within our structured guided reading programme we have ensured that a range of cultures are present.

Cuffley has its own TV station, on which children are able to show adverts that they have filmed and produced, sharing lessons and community achievements.

The PTA at Cuffley School are an integral part of school life. They are responsible for putting on a variety of fund-raising events, such as an annual Fireworks Evening and Christmas and Summer Fairs, to which members of the local community are